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Leadership development is at an impasse.

“Companies spend $2.6 billion annually on leadership training, yet 90% of the benefits are lost within a year.”

Command and control leadership isn’t effective in today’s increasingly complex and fast-paced business environment.

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What is the role of today’s leaders?:

The leader’s role must change with changing times. In today’s complex business environment where things are so unpredictable, vision, charisma, command and control are an obsolete leadership model.
Today’s leaders must:
Let others self-organize and drive the authority and responsibility down to where information lives (at the front lines)
Make it safe for them to experiment and learn from profuse iteration of trial and error
Provide simple rules to create cohesive boundaries to guide the self-organization efforts and speed up execution
Practice systems thinking
Recognize patterns out of seemingly unrelated data points
Create a diverse pool of thoughts and collective intelligence
Facilitate connection and love their team members

Watch Dr. Sunnie’s Harvard Business Review video: Based on her HBR article published in March, 2016.

Most leadership development approaches have three major limitations

They do not consider what is happening in the business environment, the learning is temporary or limited in scope, and there is no quantifiable ROI from the change.

Dr. Sunnie Giles’ approach resolves all of these issues. Her program: (1) starts with the systems of which they are part to define why leaders need to change (to succeed in an increasingly complex environment), (2) delivers permanent change using advanced neuroscience techniques and (3) quantifies the impact of various leadership competencies in their leaders on the salary people are willing to forego or demand to be paid additionally.

Permanent change is facilitated by solving the root cause of errors using neuroscience and a systems approach targeting the whole system, not just parts of the system.

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You’ve read about recent breakthroughs in neuroscience

Dr. Sunnie has taken those principles and combined them with success factors to win in a complex, unpredictable environment. The Quantum Leadership development approach is unlike any other coaching, consulting or leadership development program.

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Quantum Leadership Helps Today’s Leaders

Create breakthrough innovation
Make permanent changes in desired leadership competencies
Produce quantifiable business impact through change
Win and thrive in an increasingly complex world
Identify and remove subconscious barriers to optimal performance
Resolve workplace conflict and communication gaps
Produce high-functioning, collaborative teams with minimal politics
Generate fundamental paradigm shifts