“Leaders’ job #1 is providing safety for others, and then creating connection. When feeling safe and connected, people can unleash their innate genius for radical innovation, permanent change and transformational learning.”

— Dr. Sunnie Giles

Meet Sunnie Giles

Dr. Sunnie is a new generation expert on radical innovation who takes the mystery out of what radical innovation is and how to consistently produce it. By combining her unique expertise in advanced neuroscience, complex systems approach, quantum mechanics and business, she has produced a breakthrough program called Quantum Leadership. Dr. Sunnie’s methodology has helped hundreds of leaders create a culture of radical innovation that establishes a new platform upon which the rest of the industry to build incremental innovations.

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Organizational Scientist

Professional Certified Executive Coach

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Effective Leadership

“The business environment has changed dramatically, similarly to how the Industrial Revolution changed feudal society, which I call Digital Revolution. This sea of change demands new leadership competencies in order to be successful, as well as the old skills that made you a successful leader – vision, charisma, technical competencies, and efficiency maximization.

We are now in the world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), which requires speed, decentralization, flexibility, and learning from trial and error, which prepares leaders to catalyze radical innovation.

Will you produce radical innovation or will you become irrelevant by those who do?

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How does she do it?

Radical innovation is a serendipitous result of many self-organizing employees experimenting and learning from profuse experimentation, following simple rules. Although radical innovation is uncontrolled and unpredictable, her global leadership research found that leaders and organizations can do certain things to consistently produce radical innovation.

What Is Quantum Leadership?

Quantum Leadership produces radical innovation by:

Mastering self-management, which is critical to provide safety for others
Providing safety for others so others can use the higher part of their brain for connection and learning
Facilitating differentiation through which a diverse pool of thoughts can be created
Creating connection and belonging in the organization
Facilitating effective learning through profuse trial and error
Inducing radical innovation consistently

It’s not a simple list of behaviors but an integrated system that addresses deep human needs and unleashes the maximum potential in individuals so they can produce radical innovation.

It is a set of leadership competencies that transform leaders and organizations to stimulate innovation based on solid neuroscience and complex adaptive systems research. It starts with effective self-management, provides safety for others, facilitates differentiation leading to deep connection among the team; then facilitates learning and growth. When feeling safe and connected, people can unleash their innate genius for innovation, intelligence, and capacity for learning and pursuit of excellence.

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Dr. Sunnie’s Qualifications

Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy (systemic psychology), Brigham Young University
MBA, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Professional Certified Coach credentialed by International Coach Federation (ICF)
Graduate of Coachville Center for Coaching Mastery program / Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
Former Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Insights, Experian
Former Vice President of Marketing, Broadbridge ($2.5B B2B Financial Solutions Company)
Former General Manager of Corporate Brand Marketing, Samsung
Former Program Director & Global Brand Strategist, IBM
Former Manager of Business Strategy Consulting, Accenture
Former Senior Financial Analyst & CPA, Baxter

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