“Permanent change requires a neuroscience and systems approach. Without shifting the subconscious mental frames, learning is temporary. Without targeting the whole system, learning does not produce results significant enough to break through organizational inertia. ”

— Dr. Sunnie Giles

Consulting and Training

Dr. Sunnie’s Quantum Workshops and Training Programs will improve your coaching goals.

Quantum Leadership is a new model of leadership based on solid neuroscience and social science research designed to help leaders win in today’s increasingly complex, fast-paced business environment. Dr. Sunnie’s coaching methodologies and tools help transform managers into effective leaders that can thrive in a complex business environment.

    Two Day Transformational Communication Workshop

    In a 2013 Stanford study on CEO coaching, CEO’s identified conflict management as the biggest area for personal development. This two-day Transformational Communication workshop delivers permanent mental shifts to facilitate effective conflict management and build cohesive, connected, harmonious teams.

    In this two-day class, leaders will come away with a solid understanding and skills to transform relationships and communication, mastering concepts and skills of the ACER Communication model®.


    Leaders will:

    Learn and practice the skills needed to transform their communication with the ACER® Communication model using several real-life scenarios
    Understand that communication is much deeper than an exchange of words and learn the methods to remove the source of disconnect and miscommunication
    Become aware of their hidden assumptions that prevent effective, accurate communication
    Transform relationships to ones built on trust, vulnerability, and connection

    This powerful workshop transforms relationships and team dynamics permanently, preparing participants to win in a complex business environment.

    Three Day Quantum Leadership Workshop

    In this three-day class, based on 360 feedback and comparison with other global leaders in our database, leaders will:

    Come away with actionable ideas for industry game-changing innovation
    Gain breakthrough recognition of the unconscious, limiting patterns they are carrying
    Learn powerful skills in the Dual Cross Learning® for Fifth Order Change® model
    Consciously shift the implicit, unconscious filtering lenses that form these patterns
    Identify hidden future strategic opportunities at the company and industry level based on applying this skill of pattern recognition and connecting seemingly unrelated dots
    Develop crucial skills to discover the hidden limiting beliefs others carry, helping others to become aware of and overcome them, which is a key leadership skill
    Learn how to build safe connection in teams through trust and vulnerability and transform relationships and communication, mastering concepts and skills of the ACER Communication model®.

    This Quantum Leadership class includes core concepts and practices of the Quantum Communication workshop.

    Leaders as Coaches

    This three-day intensive program is designed to train leaders to become more effective coaches.

    In a 2013 Stanford study on CEO coaching, leaders identified: sharing leadership and delegation, conflict management, team building, and mentoring to be the most important skills. Coaching skills are crucial to today’s leaders.

    According to a 2013 study, coaching produced a 529% return on investment and boosted the overall ROI to 788%.

    Coaching skills for facilitation and coordination are a must for today’s leaders because the traditional command-and-control skills optimized for division of labor and specialization pose major limitations to compete successfully in a complex business environment.


    In this program, leaders will:

    Learn to become effective coaches
    Learn and practice critical skills such as judgment-free curiosity, asking powerful questions, unleashing the innate unlimited human potential (rather than providing solutions) within their teams
    Remove key obstacles to effective communication

    Organizational Leadership Development

    Using Dr. Sunnie’s proven methodologies and tools use the following steps:


    1. Assessment

    Dr. Sunnie works with the client organization to assess organizational health and readiness to win in a complex business environment. This includes an organizational leadership readiness comparison by team and as a whole company, vis-à-vis other global organizations.

    2. Observation

    Dr. Sunnie works with the client to quantify the impact of leadership on turnover intent and to identify the most critical leadership competencies and attributes related to business results. Dr. Sunnie also provides an analysis on the most important drivers to reduce turnover intent and increase employee engagement, attributes that set apart the top performers from the rest, and the price of “good / bad” leadership attributes in actual dollars so help clients identify prioritize their learning budget and training efforts.

    3. Goal Setting

    After reviewing the assessment results, Dr. Sunnie presents her analysis of the situation and works with the client and/or team to prioritize and co-create goals to focus their efforts on.

    4. Implementation

    Dr. Sunnie works with the client by testing small scale implementation to ascertain the effectiveness of the change management program in their real-world environment and assists the client organization to roll out the program to ensure effective change.

    5. Post-Assessment

    Dr. Sunnie’s proven approach produces tangible results. The post-assessment quantifies the business impact. Her work is designed to turn out quantum leaders well equipped to succeed in today’s complex and fast paced environment.

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