“We are unaware of our subconscious mental frames that limit our potential. Awakening to see and replacing these mental frames is the first step to breakthrough change.”

— Dr. Sunnie Giles

Executive Coaching

Who needs it? Anyone who wants to bring about radical innovation in his/her organization or radical personal growth–that includes you!

Any organizational change happens at the individual level. Athletes, actors, politicians and business leaders alike rely on external coaches and advisers to help hone their strengths and provide objective yet caring insight into areas where they are unaware, along with proven strategies and tools for tangible improvement. Dr. Sunnie specializes in helping guide leaders in business, government and the military to win, despite increasingly complex challenges.

Quantum Leadership Coaching

If you’re an executive who wants to improve your ability to effectively lead teams, communicate powerfully, stimulate innovation, develop the strategic and systemic thinking required to predict future trends, and create harmony and balance, Quantum Leadership Coaching is for you.

Quantum Leadership Consulting and Training

If you are a CEO, department or function head, or senior leader who wants to catalyze radical innovation, dramatically improve your leadership skills as well as those of your team, Quantum Leadership Consulting and Training is the answer.

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Coaching Methodologies

Dr. Sunnie’s coaching methodologies and tools help transform managers into effective leaders that can thrive in today’s complex, fast-paced, unpredictable business environment. Her approach is comprised of:

1. Assessment

Dr. Sunnie conducts a comprehensive assessment of the executive’s current competencies and attributes using a proprietary Quantum Leadership Inventory as well as the Management Research Group’s suite of assessment tools and 360 feedback (www.mrg.com). Leaders will also receive their leadership profile vis-à-vis other global leaders in our research database.

2. Observation

Dr. Sunnie observes the client and/or team in meetings and via phone and email communications, and she distills key patterns where she can quickly facilitate change. She also synthesizes qualitative feedback from the client’s key stakeholders through phone or face-to-face interviews.

3. Goal Setting

After reviewing the assessment results, Dr. Sunnie presents her analysis of the situation and works with the client and/or team to prioritize and co-create goals on which to focus their efforts.

4. Implementation

Dr. Sunnie works with the client during weekly coaching sessions to increase self-awareness, self-management, other-awareness and other-management skills using real-life situations, role plays, visualizations and psychosomatic exercises.

5. Post-Assessment

Dr. Sunnie’s proven approach produces tangible results. The post-assessment quantifies the business impact. Her work is designed to turn out quantum leaders well-equipped to succeed in today’s complex and fast paced environment.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dr. Sunnie is so confident about the effectiveness of her program that she offers a satisfaction guarantee. You will be totally delighted with the results – guaranteed.

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Team Coaching

Based on the same foundation and methodology above, Dr. Sunnie helps dramatically improve her clients’ team dynamics and produce peak performance. Any inter-team conflict that impedes the team’s full potential to produce radical innovation can be transformed into collaboration and cohesion, which is powerful in situations that call for better team integration, such as M&A or restructuring.

Team members will improve the speed of execution, communication effectiveness, team cohesion and employee engagement as well as reduce turnover intent, bullying and harassment, a significant liability exposure for many organizations.

Like families or any other groups of individuals, teams can be high functioning, dysfunctional or somewhere in between. Whether your team is working through a difficult conflict, a lack of integration, a downsizing, a reorganization or a change in leadership, Dr. Sunnie can help you get your team back on track for optimized performance, growth and connection. Even in high-functioning teams, professional coaching can lead to life-changing insights that produce even more dramatic personal growth and unleash the team’s full potential for radical innovation.

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