“We are on the cusp of a new megatrend. Complexity will become the mainstream framework for leadership models in the coming decade.”

— Dr. Sunnie Giles

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March 14, 2016:  Harvard Business Review: Solution to Top 5 Leadership Challenges

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November 15, 2015:  10 Secret Communication Skills of the Best Leaders.

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Dr. Sunnie Giles

Dr. Sunnie lives with her family in Salt Lake City where she is an active member of her community and church. She enjoys traveling globally and has a passion for advancing collective awareness and facilitating higher evolution of the human race.

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Key Leadership Statistics

30-67% of leaders are estimated to be derailed. (Management Derailment by Hogan, Hogan and Kaiser)
Each senior derailed leader costs his/her company about $1 million.” (Management Derailment by Hogan, Hogan and Kaiser)
More than half of employees who quit their job actually quit their bosses, not their jobs. (Wall Street Journal)
Leaders spend 75-90% of their time communicating. (trainingindustry.com)
Global corporate training expenditures in 2013 were $307 billion. (trainingindustry.com)
Communication training is the #1 topic at $3.2 billion and leadership training is #2 at $2.6 billion. (trainingindustry.com)
Companies spend $2.6 billion annually on leadership training, yet 90% of benefits last less than a year, according to the WSJ.