“Disruptive innovations are changing the rules of competition for today’s organizations at breakneck speed. The game has changed, so must leaders.”

— Dr. Sunnie Giles

Dr. Sunnie’s Topics

Neuroscience Approach to Transforming Your Leadership
Leadership in a Complex Environment: How to Win in a Fast, Unpredictable Environment
Ethics and Leadership: A New Paradigm for Ethics to Unleash Organizational Innovation
Self-Organization and Leadership: How to Harness the Power of Self-Organization to Create Game-Changing Innovation
Connection and Belonging in Leadership: A Prerequisite for Organizational Learning and Innovation
Leadership for Women: Harnessing Women’s Innate Potential to Become Extraordinary Leaders

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Dr. Sunnie’s Select Speeches

Keynote Speech: Neuroscience Approach to Transform Your Leadership

Date: April 2016
Washington D.C.
Shingo Annual Leadership Conference
700 Attendees

2016 U.N. Commission on the Status of Women Conference

Date: March 2016
New York City
9000 attendees

Neuroscience Approach to Transform Your Leadership

200 attendees
Date: December 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah
Society of HR Managers